15 weeks
Fall 2019
User Research & Identification
Concept & Ideation
Visual Design
People are more intimidated and less motivated to workout when they are doing it alone.
Create a fitness app that encourages people to start working out through the experience of community and collaborative exercise.
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Planting new seeds.
CoGro allows users to discover others using the app in their area that are suggested based on similar interests who can be added to their friends list to schedule workouts with.
Budding with buddies.
CoGro users can schedule workouts with their friends that prioritize their shared preferences and encourage them to interact and work together during sessions.
Growing together.
During workouts, users are given tips and tutorials for the exercises they are doing that change over time as they become more experienced and knowledgeable.
You can view my Figma prototype here.
Qualitative Interviews
After interviewing 5 people of different exercise experiences and habits, I found a recurring theme of people getting more out of exercising and having more fun when they had friends to do it with. Here are some of the key quotes that inspired me to focus on this issue:
“I would 100% be more into going to the gym if I had someone to go with.
"My main goal is just to get comfortable with the gym in the first place. The way I’d prefer to do that is to go with someone I know.
“Sometimes I go to the gym with a friend who knows more than me and knows what to do, that’s what I feel I get the most value out of.
“I’ve got a really great group of women to work out with, there’s great camaraderie. Everyone encourages each other.
 "I get by with a little help from my friends."
User Stories & Flows
Meet Drea the Dreamer.
Drea is a college student who does not make a habit of exercising but hopes to develop a more active lifestyle. She is pretty inexperienced in the gym, and she does not have any friends who share her goal. She has tried to start working out regularly, but she has trouble keeping it up by herself.

Flow 1 - Drea is Lonely
"As someone who does not have very active friends, I want to meet someone who is equally interested in exercising so that I have someone to work out with."
Drea can add friends by using the Discover feature, which suggests other users with similar preferences to Drea whom she can match with and determine if they would be a good workout buddy.
Flow 2 - Drea Wants to Learn
“As someone who is not experienced with working out, I want exercise suggestions or tutorials so that I actually have something to do when I want to get active.”
Drea is able to schedule workouts with her buddies in advance, which she will be notified of when the time comes. Drea and her buddy pair devices to start the workout, and they will be given tips, tutorials, and partner challenges as they progress through the workout.
Visual Concept
I created this moodboard to symbolize the concept of a community garden, a place where people come to learn and grow together. I wanted the app to be the host for a community that is open and accessible to everyone where people form new habits and harvest the rewards of the seeds they plant over time.

Key Words:
· Organic
· Earthy
· Growth
· Symbiotic
· Coexisting
· Community
· Fresh
Final Screens
Friend Discovery Flow
Scheduled Workout Flow
Next Steps
1. App Navigation
How can the app navigation be optimized for the most intuitive and seamless user interaction?

2. More Partner Activities
How can the buddy system dynamic be better implemented into workouts to make them more unique and cooperative?

3. Visual Concept & UI Design
How can the visual design be pushed further to make the app feel more friendly and social?
How can the use of white space and informational hierarchy be improved for a more engaging experience?
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